understanding quantum mechanics

Solving the mysteries of quantum mechanics.

In clear and simple language for the non-scientist
with technical arguments in appendices for the expert.

Casey Blood,
Physics Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University

Quantum mechanics appears to contain many mysteries and paradoxes—wave-particle duality, cats both alive and dead, instantaneous action at a distance, the uncertainty principle, God rolling the dice and so forth. In Part I, the basic ideas are given in as clear a way as possible without the use of mathematics. We then show in Part II how these basic ideas, when properly understood, can explain essentially all the mysteries except probability. In particular, in spite of all we have been taught, one can unequivocally show there is no evidence for particles; only the wave functions physically exist.

In Part III, it is shown that none of the current interpretations—many-worlds, collapse, hidden variables—are currently adequate. In Part IV, we argue that it is quite probable there is a theory underlying the current form of quantum mechanics. Finally in Part V, we give an interpretation of last resort, to be considered when no other interpretation works.

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Note: It will be difficult to follow the reasoning in many chapters if you have not first read chapter 2, the section in chapter 4 on visualizing the wave function,
and chapter 6.

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